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  • 10/30/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Naw, I don’t wanna straighten out anyone. I have enough of that stuff- I’m sure not looking for more. I do trust ya AB…if you say it is legit then that’s good enough for me. Until we hear he needs $$$$ for the plane trip back.

Another matter: As you all know we have been involved in the fire scene for a lot of years and I have seen many many Engines and Tenders come and go but these pictures on the news of the California fires really has me nervous. I have seen FF on the news telling their stories and what I am hearing scares the hell out of me. “It was so close and hot all we could do was turn our backs and cover up our heads!!!” I’m not sure of the town but the FF were saying “now we are determined, this town is NOT going to burn!!!!” And then the best statement “these are million dollar homes and we will save them at all cost” why are million dollar homes more important than $50,000 homes? and I don’t care if they are worth 10 million they are NOT worth a life. I’ve never been close to a California fire but are these people serious? I don’t think we have seen one butt with a shelter. We have seen such flagrant disregard of the safety protocols and they are confessing on the national news. What’s up? Seriously are the structure people the ones we are seeing and the wildland off somewhere else on the fireline. Or are the departments crosstrained in wildland and structure like they are in the Northwest? I am not slamming Calif I just want to know why they seem to be so heroish. I would hope they would be singing “safety, safety” instead of “look at us, we’re awesome”. and how can anyone be thinking clearly after all the hours and energy expended? really scarey….. sammi

It’s the news media that are singing “the hero” and fostering that in their interviewees. In the news it always helps to be larger than life or really much smaller than life to warrant their attention. There are some fine tv people out there and some fine fire journalists, too, but few who have actually been “embedded” to get the firefighter’s perspective.


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