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  • 10/30/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well, we made it through what we thought was the season and look what happened. So now we have FF repacking gear and making plans. Our weather here is VERY cold with middle 30’s in day and teens at night. So I am hauling wood in my little wagon and covering up plants. On the way to work today I passed the ranger station and the fire danger is posted at extreme. I can see a couple of ski resorts from the highway and they have snow….so the weather is a bit odd.

I will be hauling around a few kids (and moms) for Halloween that dads went back out so I have no doubt it will certainly rain if not snow here in the valley.

Dawn: have you heard from your FF/ Hope you and the girls are doing ok. Why don’t you bring them up here and join us for Trick or Treating?

I did hear from Firemomma and she just got back from the West Indies…..so maybe she will check in soon and tell us her adventures.

As far as Lynnette and the missing husband. I hope all is well there but this I know for a fact. Around here when someone is applying for a position whether with FS, DOL or whoever, it is not a 15 minute job to fill out the paperwork and get the certs copied and all the other stuff we have to document. Just figuring how much time spent on a fire and how many acres etc is a pretty in depth undertaking. How long does it take to fill in all those little circles…so how did she not know if it was a legit application undertaking…I guess my curiosity wants to know was he just thinking he could show up on a jumper base and say “howdy, I’m here to fight fire’ if so I know several guys who will be there in a few days. Maybe I am too much of a skeptic but since when do the jumpers start training in October…..not that I don’t trust Ab’s explanation but the investigator in me says something’s just not quite right. sammi

You want I should give you her phone number? I’m sure our momma sammi would straighten her situation right out. har.


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