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  • 10/27/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I know it’s been awhile since I checked in, it’s been busy around here getting ready for the winter season…But right now it’s Hell here in So Calif. I sat dazed Saturday night when we finally turned on the TV (we had spent a wonderful day doing family things). The devastation we saw was mind boggling. My Battman is gone to the Simi fire, he called a little bit ago to say the columns are standing up, which could be both good and bad. Santa Ana’s in the area finally calming down, but then there is the threat of the onshore flow turning it and running it back into Santa Clarita. I know most of you are ready for your SO/family to come home, but if you could see what I see you would be happy he/she his helping.

On the top of the nob closest to my little part of the FS world I work,
To the East Smoke, dark and hazy starting in Sunland.
To the West, Huge columns of smoke rising, and the threat of cresting into the San Fernando Valley.
And listening to the scanner, I finally gave up and turned it off. I’m looking forward to going home tonight, and the possibility of getting the time to pop into chat, but I have lots to do, pick up the kid, get feed for critters, etc.

I know it is hard on everyone being with out their SO, But as of right now, things are not looking on the bright side here, and We can use all the help we can get. As for the comment made on shake roofs/clearances, So Calif has the Best Fire Prevention Programs in all of the states (yes this is My opinion based on my SO coming home from assignments over the past 12 years and telling the stories of people just clearing an area to build on and not having any clearance at all in other states). Many, Many communities here are involved in the Firewise efforts. And yes there are still people who do not adequately do a clearance, or still have a shake roof (older homes, owned by Elderly or people on fixed incomes that cannot afford to have them re-roofed). I know that there are many citations given every year in different fire districts for lack of clearances. If they are not done, then the fire district goes in does the clean up then places a lean on the home. As for the shake roofs, Maybe the State should step in implement a special fund (low income, federal grant, something, yeah I know Calif. is already in money trouble, but it is a thought) to help people re-roof their homes, especially those in a High Fire danger area.

If the fire in Crestline makes it to the bug kill, it won’t matter who has what clearance or roof, the fire will go to a crown fire and be in Big Bear before anyone can say , I told you so.

My heart and prayers goes out to everyone in San Bernardino, Simi, Crestline and San Diego Co that has lost so much. And my prayers are with all the FF’s and their families . Lets all pray for the winds to die, the temps to fall, and the fog to roll in.
(sorry about the ramble, but I’m a little tired)


Hang in there. And let’s pray that the end of the Santa Anas brings quiescence (and not conflagration) into the mountain communities.


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