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  • 10/26/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ahhh…the weather has finally changed for good I think. We finally got a good cold front this weekend and it seems like fall almost. It was 95 the other day!!! My Alaskan honey was not likin’ that…and the humidity too. Thanks for all the compliments on the roller derby pics. That is so encouraging. My team came in last this year…but it damn sure wasn’t because I didn’t play my hardest. At least I can say I tried my best right?

I just got back from Houston today. Dropped off my FF at the golf course on the way home…his sixth day to play this week and almost 120 holes!!! That’s a lot of golf. Oh well, if it keeps him happy, fine with me. The two of us and a friend went to Houston to visit my aunt and uncle. They took us sailing yesterday on the Galveston Bay. The weather had cleared up for a while but we had to turn around after finally setting sail. Lightning struck about 50 yards away with loud CRACK!! We were soaked to the bone by the time we got in. But it was a fun adventure and my BF had never been sailing before. Then we had a nice seafood dinner out on the bay and enjoyed a band on the Kemah Boardwalk. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I was glad my girlfriend and my man got to meet my aunt and uncle, who are a lot of fun.

Listen to this, apparently this TV show on ABC called ‘Switched’ wants a roller derby girl for their TV show. You literally swap lives with someone for a few days and they go to your job, live in your house and everything. I guess the producer saw us in Jane magazine and wants one of us to do it. So I’m filling out the application today and making a short video to send in. How funny huh?! I would never apply to something like this otherwise but since they’ve already narrowed it down to a derby girl, why not? Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you all that one of our derby girls will be featured on the Early Show on CBS…probably sometime this week if you’re interested in checking it out.

I’m really excited that I’ve decided to apply for this Teach for America program. I really need a new goal and some structure or I would start to become adrift I feel like. (bad sentence, sorry) I need a challenge and some more brain stimulation. I have really slacked since I graduated college. But not in any way I really regret since I have done a couple of things I have always really wanted to do. But it is time to get more focused and prove another side to myself. I have to write two 500-word essays. That is quite intimidating. Hopefully they will accept me and then I will move to either Chicago or San Francisco. Haven’t decided which yet. We are going to Chicago this upcoming weekend to visit some friends so I can check it out. And my FF is willing to move with me so we can decide together. We have a lot to prove as a couple before then, but planning is still essential and inevitable. The love is there…now for the more practical part right? The day to day… Now I just have to figure out what the heck to do with myself for next summer. Maybe I can still dispatch part of it. That would be awesome.

Any news on Firemomma yet? She said Austin in late October and it is late October now. I was looking forward to meeting her. Anyone know what convention she was here for so I can at least look up the dates? Or maybe e-mail her?

Sorry your FF’s are gone right now, Poet and FireWife. I know how hard that must be. Hang in there and you always have us. And good to hear from you too Robbie. Hi Sammi.

Take care ladies.. and you lurking men out there,

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