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  • 10/20/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey everyone,

So, I’m feeling a little whiny and envious these days. It seems like everyone has their FF home with them except me (boo-hoo). I’m still trying really hard to keep my sense of humor about the situation but boy is it getting hard! I put him on the plane early yesterday a.m. to head back to another fire. We had a really tough R&R this time because while he was home he found out their contract got extended again so that means they’ll be out there for a lot longer than anticipated. He said he’ll be lucky if he’s home for Thanksgiving.

It’s funny, how on They Said they’re all talking about the slow fire season and here I am looking at not seeing my guy home for another month! I’m kind of leery of finding out what a busy fire season will be like. Maybe I’ll be lucky to have him home for Christmas then, and be thinking Thanksgiving wasn’t so bad.

Anyway, enough of my crying in my beer. Thanks to all of you for being there. You’ve all become such an important part of my life, like old friends that I’ve known for years. If anyone is doing chat tonight it would be great, I could use the distraction!

All I can say is I am so happy for you on your transition from the honeymoon feeling into that “ok, he’s here to stay for a while” feeling! Run with it, enjoy it. At first, it’s an alien feeling but it’s really sooo much better in so many ways than the honeymoon! Like Poet said, you’ll find yourself enjoying just watching his funny quirks. For me, one of my most favorite things is how my guy plays with my fingernails while we’re watching TV or driving. He’ll just all of sudden grab my hand and start playing with my fingernails with his hand. I know this probably sounds weird, but its become comforting to me now when he does it. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t do it now, I start thinking he’s mad at me for something. Funny how little things will become very important to you. Good luck girl!

Your post about driving accidents was very thought provoking. Early this fire season, I mentioned to someone that I had gone out to the helibase and their question to me was, “Oh, are you transporting FF?” I said “No, they transport themselves.” They said, “Really, I thought they provided drivers to transport the crews?” I guess what my point is about this conversation (in hindsight) is that the average joe thinks that drivers to transport crewmembers would be a given, so why does the FF industry think this concept is so weird and/or unworkable? I think you’re on the right track, and if you need help to start some kind of grassroots movement here, I’m in! I was thinking maybe some of the FF family members/friends could maybe get their commercial drivers cert on their drivers licenses and volunteer to transport FF in their area during fire season, that way it wouldn’t be an added cost for the fire or the agencies. I know this wouldn’t solve all of the problems (ie, transporting engines and such) but it could be start. Just a thought. Keep the good work and thoughts!

Love you all,

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