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  • 10/19/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I am not sure I am eligible to answer your question on the “honeymoon” syndrome, but I will give my 3 cents worth.

My man has not been around enough for honeymoon feeling to totally wear off. I DO know when we have spent several days together, we settle into the “comfortable” feeling. Not as much of the overwhelming “Wow I LOVE this guy” but more of the “this just feels so right” feeling. Let me give you an example. I enjoy just watching him shave. He makes faces, and I tell him to watch it or he will cut himself. Silly stuff. Another example is we were sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, and it sort of hit both of us at the same time, that this just felt NICE. Comfortable. It does not have to be the “WOW” feeling all the time. Although the wow feeling sure is nice, that is not what a great long term relationship is built on. It is the day to day stuff. The mundane things. Appreciating each other for all our unique quirks, without them driving you nuts. Making each other laugh. Just snuggling and enjoying each others company. Learning you can belch or pass gas in their presence without them disowning you. Not having to be on your best behavior. Just being yourselves. Lastly TALK. A LOT. On every subject. Ask his opinion and be willing to listen to his answer. This is the time you finally get to learn about each other. Make the best time you can of it. You know he will have to go the next fire season, so make those memories NOW.

Oh, and a for a great bonding experience, make sure he has gotten over all the foot rot from the firefighting, and give each other foot massages. Pure heaven!
(Now if I can only get him home long enough to teach him how to give backrubs. )


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