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  • 10/18/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well Taz it has been so long since my wedding I have no idea how to transition from honeymoon to real life, except. Don’t we do that every fall when the dragon is put to bed and the bearded caveman comes back for the hibernation. When he comes home between fires he is not here long enough for me to remember how he stands in front of the TV, does not wash the milk ring out of his cup. He has never been able to make the bed good enough, and he always dyes at least 2 loads of white laundry blue-jean blue, every year.

Even after all this time we still have to find our place in the scheme of things and there are negotiations and down right dog fights but it settles after a few weeks and we are comfortable again. I always get several calls from daughters in laws who are also struggling with my “children” wanting to be “in charge”. Of course their dad tells the guys don’t try. It is not worth the pain and humiliation.

I guess my advice is don’t be picky. Don’t stress, and pick your battles. Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!!!! It absolutely will not last if you don’t. And if the initial excitement is waning make your own. And that you will have to figure out for your self.

If he is worth it you will figure it out. I highly recommend the Venus/Mars book about male/female communication. Men absolutely do not read signals. It is something in their gene pool and boy does it cause a lot of problems. If it’s getting “boring” enjoy……that’s when you can really learn a lot about each other. Anybody can look good and act decent for the short spell but to be able to continue to look good and behave ok that is the real person. And I have no idea if that is even what you were asking.

My SO is pulling a double shift at the FD so it is back to me, the dog and one fish. Another one died. But, my plants are thriving. (I use to kill all my plants)


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