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  • 10/17/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello everyone. How is everyone doing? Busy with their FF’s home?

Things are good here. My FF seems to be settling in very well. He plays golf every day and loves it. He found a place and got a membership and has met some people on the course also. He is getting along really well with all of my friends and roommates and even got to see me play a little roller derby last night. We are driving to Dallas this afternoon to visit my mom, show him my hometown and go to the State Fair. I’m really looking forward to it and he is too.

We are starting to make some travel plans for December. I’m getting a little stressed about the financial aspect of it. I went and applied for a waitress job yesterday. By the way, you guys remember me debating over whether I should work at the cheesy place or not? The generic Hooters-type place? Well, I went in and applied yesterday. Okay, I didn’t actually apply. I filled out the application…and promptly left. I was sitting there waiting for the manager and I was looking around, scoping it out. They sell t-shirts that say “Clams…our most popular item isn’t even on the menu” and “Blondes…the other white meat” and finally, “you can’t beat our meat.” I WAS OUTTA THERE!!! I was so disgusted. That attitude from men is just not something I’m willing to overlook so I can take their money. And my BF supported my decision which felt really good too. Just thought I’d update you.

Not sure if dispatching is going to work out next summer. I would really like to, but the logistics of it aren’t working out so far. At this point it looks like my FF will either work for his Alaskan crew one last season or now we are looking at maybe a Colorado crew. But I’m thinking about this teaching program for the fall and I would have to train five weeks for that in the summer, so that throws dispatching out. I dunno, many plans to resolve and we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves anyway for now.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will try, try again to make it this Monday to chat.


***Any thoughts, opinions, advice on the transition from that glowing, honeymoon period after your man just gets home after a LONG time away, to…okay, he’s going to be around for awhile feeling? It’s your basic honeymoon syndrome right? Like the first couple of days after your vacation is over? That’s normal right?


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