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  • 10/09/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I came in here to complain about something else and Nerdy got me sidetracked. So I still want to gripe.

I have never acknowledged pet peeves, but I confess I do have them. Two of them so far.

#1….. why can I never find a hammer? and when I need one there is never one of those guy type people around to tell me where they hid it. So I used a meat cleaver.

#2…..ice cream. Why is it so hard? I have to use a huge knife to dig it out of the carton. I have two ice cream scoopers but they are useless. The Baskin Robbins people make it look so simple…..

So I realize these are petty but what is a gal to do? I feel myself slipping further into a bad mood so maybe it is a good thing it’s just me and the dog, and one fish. (one died)


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