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  • 10/09/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ok Nerdy, puttim up……not really, I am old and I admit it and I do not EVER try to outdo younger people. Pain hurts.

I absolutely agree with everything you have posted. My question is: why are the They Said people still discussing the same “safety” issues that have been yakked about forever. Everyone knows there is a problem. Everyone knows the young kids are not likely to speak up. Your crewboss deserves a medal of some type. That type of acceptance of a youngun speaking up is VERY rare and we all know it.

I could tell you a lot of examples of real situations where someone spoke up on a safety issue whether structure or wildland and the guy that had the guts to speak up was ridiculed, blackballed, forced to quit, or held back on promotions. There was a situation recently (not in our area) where a guy had his pay screwed up so bad because he refused a dangerous assignment, he is still waiting on his August checks. Seems like testosterone toting name tagged shirts have very long memories. And quite frankly, I really feel the powers in the shirts are just blowing smoke (sorry) about addressing the safety issues so strongly. I think they talk the talk but are crippled when it comes time to walk the walk. if they would put a couple of FF wives, a couple of FF mothers and a couple of strong FF women in a room and say, give us a working plan on how to do this. I absolutely guarantee they could do it. You know the jokes about how many men to dig a hole??????? One in the ditch and 8 standing around looking in the hole ————-.

Anybody with even a little brain cell would be able to see if year after year the same type of accidents and deaths are occurring something is NOT WORKING, folks. What other job would be allowed to have consistently the same tragedies every year and we are told, “the job is dangerous”. well yea the job is dangerous, but doesn’t it look a little odd to anyone they are filling up the lower end of the food chain with the young inexperienced people and gradually phasing out the older experienced people. Why, is it because the more experienced ones will speak up? (just questions)

Well, guess what…..my job is very dangerous. Let me tell you, we have very specific safety plans and policies and if anyone even the shirts are caught circumventing those policies they are very sorry. it is a fixable issue, its just someone is gonna have to have the —— to stand up and admit there is a problem and then work for an answer. and my soapbox just collapsed…….high on ice cream here………


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