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  • 10/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi guys, I also agree with Nerdy on her safety post, exception might be the 30+ age not being capable. There are many, many older (50+) that can work circles around the young people. And we need good older experienced role models to teach the younguns what they do not learn in the books.

As far as the chief thing, my hubby has reamed many a new———- for someone being careless and stupid. he believes in enjoy and like your work but be serious enough not to get you or someone else hurt. He is usually the first one to initiate a water fight after a practice burn. I have pictures of FF’s spraying each other over a barn that is really awesome. (It was August weather) With the engines parked on both sides in the pictures it is quite a sight but when it was enough he called a truce and everyone, even me (I was the food commander),, was soaked and laughing. They worked hard, played hard and then it was time to clean up and they worked hard again. It was a good full day and the reward was skills, respect for each other and their leaders.

I still very vividly remember when an officer in another dept ordered one of our young sons (just going thru Essentials) to do something very dangerous and when our son refused because of the danger, the officer told him to remove his turnouts and wait by the engine.

We were not on scene of course, but when my husband got the details from another captain, he was livid. (and it could have been anyones son, he would have been just as mad) I was ready to clean that idiots clock myself, (endanger one of my cubs,,,growlllllllllll) (I know him well and his reputation, hope he reads this, wherever he is.)

When it comes to FF safety there are no corners to be cut. And the #1 most important thing to teach them is they CAN refuse to do something out of their skill level or something they think is too dangerous. Period. No discussion and no penalty. And I could go on forever on the safety subject. My poor husband is my therapist when I need to vent and over the years he has learned to just sit and listen and then don’t try to fix it yet. Give me time to calm down and think awhile and usually I get grounded real soon. But with the “officer” that was so very dangerous, no way. I think I would still try to take him out if I saw him again. He sorta had to find another job……..so he moved shortly after the incident. Hope he is not still FF.

mama sammi

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