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  • 10/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey there,

Nerd- That TecNu stuff is really expensive, and a Doc in a fire camp told my FF that Dawn dishsoap was just as good, that is why I recommended it. But really we have been thrilled with the Jewelweed soap, both from Burt’s Bees and also there is one that naturalremedies.com sells that is just called jewelweed soap. My husband has poison oak at least once a week if not more, he is sooo allergic to it. I have never got it from him or his clothes, we just figure I don’t react. FUNNY though, once his mom came to visit when he was still a Marine. He had poison oak something terrible, she thought she would be helpful and put his uniform in the wash, she reached in his sleeve to pull them right side out before washing them…BIG MISTAKE! She was covered in poison oak the next day! I can vouch for the soaps though, I have fullfilled the wifely duties when he is covered from head to to with poison oak (after he showered) ,and I have never gotten it :)

Taz- Glad to hear things are good with you FF. How long do you have him for? Or is he home for the winter?

MIne is still gone :( Looks like at least until the 11, maybe longer. Well it’s 11pm here, I gotta get in bed in a bit, my girls are up bright eyed at 7!


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