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  • 10/05/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Good morning all!

Here it is, 12:30AM, and I am wide awake. Wish some of you were night owls.
My FF and I have been doing great, what little I get to see of him. His fall/winter job has him traveling more than his firefighting did. *sigh* Ah well. They are worth it, right? I think so. LOL

Looks like my hours are changing again. Starting Monday I transfer back to second shift. That means 3PM to anywhere from 11:30 to 1:30 AM, depending on the work load. It sure beats overnights. That also means I get to be around for chats, as I can log on during my breaks. It is only 15 MN or so, but still, it is something.
So, what is it like for others to have their significant others home? What do you all do? Do you try to spend as much time together, as possible? Do you try and go out, see and do everything you wanted to do while they were gone, or just stay home and get to know each other again?
I am finding it is more enjoyable to sit and watch a video and share a bowl of popcorn than being on the move, going places, etc. We talk almost constantly, on anything and everything. It is like we are trying to fit 3 months of conversation and getting to know each other in a few days here, a few days there.

His birthday is in a few weeks, and I have four days off. HOPEFULLY he will be in town. Any good suggestions for “quality time?”

Take care everyone, keep your loved ones close and safe.


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