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  • 10/03/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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whazzup FFing family,

nerd, thanks for the advice for my EMT course. i had my first class last night and i’m even more excited about it now. my instructor seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject and has been teaching for quite a while which is even better. i’m going to work hard to be one of the best students. i will take up your advice about getting the encyclopedia and i appreciate any more advice you have for me.

one not so cool thing about this quarter is that i have to go to class on two saturdays that kinda throw wrenches into me and my FF hub’s plans. this will be the third halloween that we will not be spending together. our third anniversary (not our marriage, our meeting) is on november 1, too. we’ve been planning to be wayne and garth — he says i look like garth with my glasses and when my hairs a little messy — every year. he has to go to base for reserve duty that weekend and i have class. then in december, his best buddy is getting hitched on a monday in miami and i have class the saturday before and my final exam for the quarter on the tuesday after. whah! the good thing is that my FF hubbie wants to fly with me (we are elite members of the mile high club, by the way) even though i told him i’d be fine with him wanting to go earlier without me. he’s the best!

we will be on the military base this weekend. it’s family day on saturday — don’t know what’s going on there. we are going for a long run sometime over the weekend — probably 8-10 miles which will be the longest run i’ve ever done, so far the longest has been about 5 miles. i’ve been running 3 nights per week for about 2 1/2 to 3 miles each time and it has really helped my endurance. we went mountain biking last saturday and i was amazed at how well i was riding (especially on the uphill) since i haven’t ridden a bike in about 2 years. we decided to take up this new sport together and now i’ve gotta get a bike. what an awesome high! it satisfies my withdrawals from my skiing highs which i miss sooooooo much since i moved to the south. can’t wait to get back to the high country!

hey tazgirl, you’re going to be a changed woman once you spend the first day/night with your SO. i bet you’ll be grinning from ear to ear and i’m sure we’ll all be cheering you on for hanging in there.

dawn, sorry about your hub being taken away. watch a really good movie — it works for me. one of my favorite movies that takes me away is the ‘lonesome dove’ series. it’s western, but the characters are so good and the stories make you want more. robert duvall is so good.

over and out…


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