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  • 09/30/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Catskilldog: Good luck in EMT class. I’m learning that the instructor makes a huge difference. If you’ve got somebody who’s been a paramedic for so long they don’t remember that not everybody knows what cyanotic means, get yourself a copy of Taber’s Encyclopedic Medical dictionary…should be about thirty bucks through the Ab’s amazon link. Bring it to class, and look stuff up as the instructor says words you don’t understand. Hmm…other things that have saved my neck…study, study, study, and practice your assessments. Assess your loved ones! (laughing) Actually, my mother asked me to teach her what to do if her boyfriend had a heart attack…and teaching somebody else is the best way to learn. And do it often enough that you don’t have to think, because in the state exams, they won’t give you time to stop and check your street sheet. I’ve a patient for several mock-state exams, and they will try to convert your brain to mush…because realistically that’s what it’s going to be on scene.

Sammi: A couple of my crewmates decided to try dragging my car over to the demolition field to see if anybody would notice (Probably not, it looks horrible, but it’s my car and I really do love it). What they didn’t realize is that if you try to turn the steering wheel without the key in the ignition, all sorts of interesting things lock up. So I came out to go home and noticed rather fast that somebody had been messing with my car, and figured out who dun it too. Revenge is coming…

Nerd on the Fireline

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