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  • 09/30/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey everyone! Sounds like everyone is doing quite well sticking up for one another. I had to go to a convention last week but still managed to access Family Said on my laptop in the motel room just so I could keep up with things.

My SO actually got to come home for his R&R instead of spending it in a motel room so I lucked out and got to spend my birthday with him. Sometimes he just amazes me with how considerate he is. I got home from my trip in the late afternoon of his first day of R&R (my birthday), and even after his long trip home and my not being there for half the day, he tells me to get in the car and he drives me over to my sister’s home (2 hours away) to take me out for a birthday dinner and to spend time with my sister and her husband. We stayed over night there, went shopping the next day and then drove home late that afternoon. So he ended up spending his last evening at home getting ready to leave again. He looked absolutely wiped out when I dropped him off at the airport today to head back to the fire. Poor man. It’s a good thing he got to spend his first night back in a motel room with a real bed so he could get some rest (he-he).

I’m sorry I missed you in chat. By the time I finally got on tonight, you were already out of there. I would have loved to talked with and sympathize with you about being “over this fire thing”! I know what you’re saying girl. It’s starting to wear pretty thin around here too (my patience, I mean). And before he left today, he told me he’s going to be gone for about a week in mid-October too. So it looks like I’ll be a widow for a little while longer.

Boy, I wish I could give you a big hug right now! My daughter is no longer a little one, but I still remember how draining that time of life can be! All I can say is take naps! Take lots of naps! Get your little ones to lie down with you and have some quiet time together, even if you don’t sleep, just taking ten will do miracles. You might find yourself looking forward to being “wifey-pooh” . And remember, the house is not going to crumble around you if the floors don’t get vacuumed or the furniture isn’t dusted for a day or so. (I’ve been know to vacuum my furniture while I vacuum the floor to just to save time – yes the end tables, the entertainment center, the knick knack self, the pictures hanging on the wall, etc.) I’ll vacuum anything! Let me tell you, it was an excellent incentive for my daughter when she didn’t want to take a bath and I thought she was getting a little dusty. (No worries people, just joking I never vacuumed her or threatened to vacuum her). Give yourself a break, you don’t have to be superwoman. Going on strike for a day or so also helps. I remember walking in the door after work one Friday evening and everyone had been home for couple of hours by then. As I walked in the front door, barely having time to set my purse down, I was asked “what’s for dinner?” At first I about blew my lid, but then a calm overtook me and I said “I don’t know, it’s Friday night and I’m not cooking so you figure it out, I’m going to make myself a margarita.” You know what? My dear man and my dear daughter headed out the door and to the store and together the two of them rustled up quite a nice dinner for tired mom! Don’t know if this helped at all. But just know I’m giving you big mental hugs as you go through this.

Boy there I go again. I start to post a quick note and end up writing an opus! Love you all.

Heli Groupie

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