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  • 09/29/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hmmm. No Moniker 2, a bit more insight into your background on this issue would be helpful…but coming from a female firefighter (although currently a single one, so obviously not totally qualified to comment): When I come back from a fire, I’m usually either semi-comatose or still jumping with adrenaline. In the first case, it’s very rare for me to manage to actually get the charcoal out of my hair before I simply collapse (I’ve fallen asleep on the living room floor right inside the door in the past…didn’t even make it to the couch). In the second case, well, my old roomie from school was visiting me, and when she showed up at my house she found no me and note saying “On fire, back whenever.” I got back at two that morning to find her asleep in her car in my driveway…and then I kept her up until eight in the morning just talking my head off. Fire trivia, crew gossip, stuff she probably didn’t give a damn about. No shower, no nothing…smoky, sweaty me just sitting there talking ‘til past dawn. For the record, J is a true friend, and she didn’t hold my behavior against me. Now, a significant other in the same position, on a regular basis, would be well and truly justified in smacking me, or at least dishing out a little suffering. But I’ve found that adrenaline high is profoundly self-centered state (as well it should be; it is after all the fight-or-flight reflex)…especially when layered on top of a little fatigue, it makes it hard to be considerate. The key has got to be communication. On the spot or in the calmness of the next morning, it doesn’t really matter as long as it happens. Any guy/gal worth being with is going to be willing to take a step back and go “Oh shoot, I’d better stop that.” If told that a certain behavior drives their SO up the wall. Especially something like brushing their teeth before jumping into bed.

Nerd on the Fireline

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