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  • 09/29/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Old Dispatcher…..BOY ARE YOU OUT OF LINE AND I”M COMING TO GET YA !!!!!!!!! mess with my gals. (smiling) (kidding)

I think you perfectly put it into words how sometimes it is just plain silly to get so bent over something so minor. My husband was on a fire this summer and had the opportunity to chat with a couple of the Native American hot shots about their names, he asked them to please explain how their names were arrived at. They took a great deal of time and explained and he actually learned a lot and they had a really nice talk. They were not in the least offended and then they talked about his accent and how he grew up etc. exchange of information on differences and they were not angry or in any way insulted. I think some times people get offended by other people because they want to be offended at something. Sort of looking for an excuse to be mad…


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