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  • 09/27/2003
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Happy Saturday gang. The weather is finally turning here and I’m enjoying it being a wee cooler…although it’s still probably 85 in the sun. I just got back from a long trip to the dog park w/ my dog and my brother’s. I sat in the shade for probably an hour and a half, absorbed in my Ghosts of the Fireground book. It is so good. Really gives you a great idea of fighting wildland fire.

Had a nice evening yesterday. Went to the lake and did some wakeboarding and then rented movies and settled in for a quiet evening. Watched Michael Moore’s Roger & Me, which was really, really good…and depressing. And then attempted to watch (at Nerd’s suggestion) To Have and Have Not. But I started it too late and could not stay awake. Will have to try again soon. I’m not accustomed to watching old movies and I think it takes some adjustment. They take more patience at first. I want to rent Philadelphia Story too. There are sooo many old movies that I have not seen.

Talked to my FF today after I called him and he returned my call. Still on the damn Canoe Fire. He said they’ve been staging a lot the last few days, so not as much work as usual. He talked like they might get released a day or two early, but after talking to him today, don’t think that is a possibility…which makes it a big possibility he won’t make his flight this Sunday. It’s out of my hands, I should quit fretting about it. We talked for all of three minutes. I can always tell when he is at the end of a tour, he seems so distant, disinterested, burnt out and tired. I try to not take it personally but that can be difficult. I wonder if I should even talk to him at all for a few days until he is off this fire. I mean, what is the point? I just end up disappointed and a slight frustrated. Quality over quantity you know? Again, I’m soooo over it.

Going to a movie premiere tonight for the School of Rock w/ Jack Black. My friend works for Richard Linklater and got us tickets. Should be a lot of fun and a little celebrity sighting to boot. There is a bowling party after the premiere and that is what I’m looking forward to most. Going to have to wear a nice hat to cover up my hideous hair. Ugh…

Tomorrow is my b’day barbecue…wish you gals could join me.


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