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  • 09/27/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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In the interest of diplomacy: sorry if I misunderstand but I think I almost disagree. I am still gonna stand by my post as to North jumping into a thread and assuming we need more monitoring than we get from Ab’s. The Ab’s have been doing a great job with out making people on our list think they have done something wrong and get embarrassed and then not post again.

We obviously have some very strong assertive people here who have no problem at all voicing opinions and declaring war if needed. (nice war) On the other side. We have some people here who are not ones to take on some presumingly gruff, bearded, booted dude, but cute, that has assumed the responsibility of chastising her (them). Now for all I know North is some 5’2″ 105 lb sweetie, who also happens to wear boots and green pants. it doesn’t matter.

At the least, to think we have some crew sitting around reading our posts is a tad disconcerting, but no problem there, (you’re all welcome) but at the least work into letting us know you are there and then introduce yourselves and gently advise the rogue writer as to their mistakes, as you see them. If this had happened to Susie who is new to fire and family she probably would have run the other way. And we would not have had the opportunity to explain this world we live in and how we have to learn to handle these situations.

And yes North did ask to take it private which might have been better, so thx for that North> You tried.

And when you guys get tired of me acting like mother hen just tell me to quit cackling. I will go with my tail feathers ruffled back to my nest.

I have all my troops here today to finish our new deck so I am surrounded by a bunch of people who know EVERYTHING about life, work and relationships. Oh my gosh I really do wish you guys could come up and see how crazy they are. I may end up with a 5 story condo or a ladder up to a tree house. I never know………I’ll have to tell you the story of when they helped their dad build a swing. Yep-I just got orders for roast, rice with gravy, and lots of banana pudding. So Nerd here’s your chance come on up and join us for lunch outside under the tree. if you can survive a day of this gang your a keeper. Gotta go cook…


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