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  • 09/26/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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YAWN… Sorry guys, been very hectic here. I am NOT use to working overnight shifts, and any free time is spent trying to sleep. I am on mandatory 12 hr days, 4 days a week, with options for Friday and Saturday to. Yikes! Anyhow, enough of that…
My firefighter has been home for over two weeks now. Whoo HOO!!!! It is so weird being able to see him at least every couple of days, not to mention I got him a cell phone so we can communicate when he is not here. It is wonderful! I didn’t want you all to feel bad now that I have my man here, and some of you don’t. Hope all of you get your significant others home soon.

I have had little time for poetry, but have been dabbling a bit in painting. I have two in process, and hopefully should be able to post pictures this weekend. Ab’s, can you send me the schedule of chat times, so I can try and be there? I work usually when the chats are on, but may be able to squeeze something in on a break.

I am truly impressed with everyone’s stories and life experiences I feel so sheltered, not having been involved with fire until this spring/summer. I can see i have mised out on an interesting life. I feel blessed to have been accepted into such a community. No, that is not the right word, I should have said FAMILY.

Oh yeah, in regard to the poetry, my FF finally got to read all I had written, and actually pasted one of them in his work locker. I guess he liked them. I was worried it would be to mushy or something.

Got to go to work, AGAIN, so take care all!

If anyone wants to e-mail me privately, Abs, you have my permission to hand out my e-mail address.

a tired but happy Poet

Oh yeah, Happy b-day to all who have just had or will have them!

Readers, yer on your own for chat. Your regular time is good. Let me know if you want to change it and I’ll post the information here. Your “message sender” is on vacation. Orig.


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