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  • 09/26/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks for the b’day wishes guys. I really appreciate it. I had a wonderful day yesterday, besides my hair mishap. I went to my friend’s house to get my hair highlighted. She just finished beauty school and has been doing my hair for months. I spent about four hours at her house and was all excited about my b’day dinner. Well, suffice to say my hair did not turn out like I was hoping and I was quite upset about it when I got in the car. So there I am, running almost 30 minutes late to meet my friends at my own dinner and my hair is yellow…and I’m crying. But I got over it and just sucked it up. I called my girlfriend that was at the restaurant w/ everyone and she talked me down. And no one gawked at me too much when I walked in….my friend told all of them she would kick their *ss if anyone said anything or stared. Awww… And I guess it’s not really that bad, but it’s way too yellow and needs some fixin’. Which my friend said she’d do.

So it’s a pretty funny story looking back, and so typical. Hair drama…really puts things into perspective doesn’t it? ;) I almost got choked up again last night at dinner w/ all of my friends just because I was so touched to see them all there and it meant so much that they all came out to celebrate with me. I gave ‘em an appreciatory toast. We had Indian food at this place I’d never been to and MAN, was it good!!! FM, do you like Indian food? Maybe that’s where we should go when you come in town. Well, you and your hubby should at least b/c it’s wonderful.

I’m supposed to be at work today, but a new girl started and there is literally nothing to do. And I woke up late, and don’t have my car so I will just go when I feel like it. It’s all cloudy and gray so I don’t really feel like it. I just need the hours at this point. I will be getting another job here in a couple of weeks. I’m also supposed to go to the lake today, so of course it is cloudy. It is a family curse that any time any of us wants to go out on the lake or near a boat, the clouds automatically come in. My brother and I BOTH went out on my friend’s boat a couple of weeks ago and we, I’m not kidding you, heard a clap of thunder the very moment we opened the car door at the lake. We gave each other a knowing kind of grin and went anyway….and got rained on. I guess there are worse curses.

Sammi and Firechica, you guys did an awesome job standing up for Nerd. I think that was a perfect example of PC gone out of control to the point where there is no point. Her story was funny, relevant and it didn’t occur to me for a millisecond that she was being offensive or not having respect for the elder Indian. It is obvious if you have spent ANY time on family said that Nerd is in no way offensive or the slightest bit racist. That’s the thing w/ friends…you say what you want to and they don’t judge you. It was such a ‘they said’ tactic. They get so feisty over there, and competitive. Maybe he was just lookin’ for some torching. ;) It’s funny Ab, the ‘they said’ vs. ‘family said’ dynamic that develops, isn’t it?

It’s two girls for every boy isn’t it?

Someone said something about a ‘family said’ reunion next year. I just want to put in my two approving cents to that one. I’m in. That would be fantastic. Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes.


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