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  • 09/26/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Robbie, when you said your sister better not buy ‘one’ with her OT, I thought you were talking about the man, not the motorcycle. Made me laugh.

Taz: Happy Birthday…looks like I got on a bit late, but I’ll add a Union Hotel Mud Cake to Sammi’s donation…my favorite baked good hands down…seven ounces of unsweetened chocolate, and there’s no water in recipe…substitute black coffee and bourbon. When I was a kid in Catholic school (there, you’ve heard my secret, I was a Catholic school girl, without ever being Catholic) that cake was best analogy I could think of for sin. Served with fresh whipped cream. And happy belated B-day to Oregon Jewel, too.

Chica, Sammi, thank you for the back-up…and as far as two guys for every girl, wasn’t it the other way around with the Beach Boys? I think we just need to work a bit harder on cloning technology and make ourselves another Son of Sammi. And I don’t know about two…in my experience, maintaining one man in the condition to which he has become accustomed is hard enough. More than one is just asking for trouble.

Nerd on the Fireline

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