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  • 09/26/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well, the movie was ok….but definitely not Dances With Wolves. It was nice to just sit and not have the phone ringing or tones going off. And even after a bizillion years married to the same guy he still likes to hold hands. So sweet he is. I probably better stay home and not go off on the Harley….what if I fell off? he would just come pick me up and brush off the gravel and then say “what the hell are you thinking?” and then he says “not much I see!!!!”

Happens every time I pull a dumb stunt and he has to save me.

I really want you guys to know how much you have meant to me this summer and even tho some of our people are back for the season I hope you will check in from time to time. Dawn is probably busy with husband and kids but she will be around. I think this is her 2nd full season. Those of you that are of the younger set really are so full of life and have such awesome energy it has been such a pleasure hearing your thoughts. I find it amazing how we are so different, in age, personalities, jobs, relationships and yet bonded. Yipee!!!!!! What a group, we need a party.

hey Firemom, I lost your e-mail address when my internet service got messed up so please write me.

Also Firedad, same thing……sorry but I am way behind in my mail thx Sammi

Abs'; do you think Family Said is a keeper???????? better say yes or you will have to face the troops…

Original Ab sez, “sure why not, whatever makes life easier for firefighter families.” I’m sure Abby would have put it differently.

Lemme poke around. Abby may have left those emails addys and I can forward your message on.


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