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  • 09/25/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi guys, and welcome North. I really don’t think Nerdy needs any cautionary advice from anyone and certainly not pertaining to her Indian story. If anyone out there on this list is so touchy as to be offended by such a story then it is their problem not Nerdy’s or ours on family list. We go really fast here from subject to subject and from mood to mood. (Women with hormones) opps was that politically correct? Probably not, oh well, who cares? (your chance to speak up, anyone)

I could be offended all week long by different friends, co-workers of mine who call me all sorts of names. Babe, g’ma, dragon slayer, charger, trouble and the list goes on. it is such a waste of time to have to find things to be offended at. And if it was an “Indian” that saves Nerdy’s butt one day. (and probably a very cute butt) “God bless him for being a hero.” Red, black, blue or purple color has no meaning what so ever. And coming from where I grew up that is a real hard won statement.

So please you guys are welcome to come to family said to visit, learn, communicate whatever but please don’t come over here and think we need help changing. We don’t. We are doing just find in our nest and you are welcome but don’t make us wary to post freely what we are feeling, thinking etc. That is the best part of our list. Everyone here all summer have supported each other, cried, yelled given great advice and told very bad jokes and so far we are ALL still here and our numbers are growing.

No hard feelings but get to know us before you try to teach us. And Nerdy…..you’re great!!!!!!!.

Ok I will bring the cake. Strawberry icing on white cake and strawberry and vanilla ice cream. Yum….

I have invited my hunny to go see Kevin Costner’s new movie. The Western. can’t remember the name. I’ll check in later to see if we have any more “issues” we need to address. You guys keep watch and take no enemy’s….


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