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  • 09/25/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Wow…I’ll know from now on not to abandon familysaid for so long! Tons of really interesting conversation since a certain SJ happened to be in the same 5 mile radius as me for the first time in 2 1/2 months! Woohoo! He left again this morning, but he’s going on a single resource assignment, so I should be hearing from him more often, etc…yay. It seems like our separate fire seasons may be soon coming to a close…no complaints here.

As far as my two cents about everything else, when I left the line, I was an engine boss. Working my way up to that, I definitely had some hard times with different individuals … I remember a certain FMO was introducing someone to all the engine crews, and when he came to me, he exclaimed, “And THIS is our WOMAN engine boss, aly!” I felt like a museum exhibit, like a bunch of 3rd graders should be oohing and ahhing… anyways, I later let him know that I didn’t really appreciate being introduced as THE WOMAN, as it was pretty darn obvious I was of the fairer sex. I never had a problem with him after that. I found in my experiences, there was sometimes doubt about whether or not i deserved to be there, either as an engine boss, squad boss, or whatever. For me, the doubt just made me work harder to prove that I did belong there. Like Nerd, I didn’t want to be treated specially, or be singled out, I just wanted to do my job for the love of firefighting.

Anyways, that’s that. BLM Bob, I loved the hard hat story!

Taz – I totally feel your pain regarding the firefighter boyfriend assumptions. On airplanes, in restaurants, anywhere I am, if i’m reading something about fire, watching the news about fire, or happen to glance to long at a darn candle burning, it seems like someone will ask me if my boyfriend is in fire. Of course, he is in fire, but so am I! Grr. That always made me angry. Instead of being angry towards them, however, I would always just smile, explain I was a firefighter, and move on…

Speaking of moving on, I need to put my college degree to work. Anyone have any good ideas for a crazy chick with an BA in Business Management and a working knowledge of 3 languages? I also sing and dance (not well) and don’t mind doing a hard days work…


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