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  • 09/25/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi guys. Thanks again for the positive words and support. Today is my b’day so I’m going to dinner tonight with a bunch of friends. I made reservations for 16 – 20 so hopefully that isn’t too many and dinner won’t be too chaotic. Maybe I should’ve kept it smaller…

My FF called first thing this morning to be the first to wish me happy b’day. We never get to talk for more than a couple of minutes but that will all change soon, so no complaints. He verified he is on the Canoe/Honeydew not the Grindstone. They are camping at some prison camp or something like that. Bought his airplane ticket yesterday for October 5th!! I feel better after talking to some of my friends last night about all of it. I was worried about crowding my roommate and what not since he is going to be here for almost two months. A couple of my friends all offered their places as a place to go hang out, watch movies, whatever. My friend even offered her car for days when she doesn’t need it. So that made me feel really good. Is there anything better than great friends? I think we will adjust just fine after a couple of weeks and hopefully he will be happy to not be working 16-hour days and playing golf and hanging out w/ me instead.

Too bad you don’t have two sons for Nerd and Fire Chica, Sammi. Shoot, you might need two a piece for these tough cookies. ;)


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