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  • 09/23/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I must vent… My boss, who is not just my boss but a friend in a way, just saw my fire book… Ghosts in the Fireground…. and gave me a look like I was the stupidest, cheesiest person on the planet. One of those like, “c’mon, give me a break” looks. Why? for some of you that don’t already know? Because I do not work in fire and the whole wildland fire fighting business barely exists in my world and/or circle. Therefore, the only reason I would read a book about fire, as he sees it, is because my boyfriend is a FF. And because I want to read about how sexy FF is because that’s the only reason I’m with my boyfriend. Um, NO. Hardly. Sexy would be him actually being here to see me. The whole sexy HS stereotype thing went out the window a long time ago and it never was THAT much of a presence to begin with. My other co-worker then joined in and was like, “yeah, it’s probably a romance novel.” !!!! That was what he piped in after I tried to tell them it was more of a historical novel, which it is. It’s about the Peshtigo fire in the 1800s. Can someone explain to me what in the hell that has to do with my boyfriend?!! Sorry for all my exclamations and what not. But it really upset me. Why can’t it just be that I’ve become legitimately interested in a world that was unknown to me up until a few months ago and that it has little to do with my boyfriend? I hope I am conveying articulately why this upset me so much and how misperceived my boss was in his comments. I don’t talk about my FF at work (okay I did just a tiny bit right before I went to see him two months ago) and I don’t talk about fire, but yet they see me reading a book and probably think I’m obsessed and all in love with some guy just because he’s a FF. Makes me so mad. I told my co-worker a couple of months ago that I was thinking about attending classes in October for dispatching and he literally looked at me like I was crazy. The imaginary boyfriend is really getting to me…. I have this whole other world and relationship that no one knows about, yet is so much a part of my life. And except for a few friends, no one seems to give a rat’s *ss. Thank Abs for you guys!!!

I guess I have vented enough for now. If anyone wants to chat tonight, let me know. I could use it today. I’m kind of at my wits end.

And to all you moms out there, you are very inspiring. What wonderful daughters you must’ve raised and are raising…and sons too for that matter. BQ sounds like quite the smart, insightful girl.

Here’s to people who just don’t understand,

***Did I mention the fact that my boss’s constant problems and issues are all we talk about around here….mostly interior decorating and his new car?!!! Give ME a break!!!


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