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  • 09/23/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Quite the discussion going on here regarding feminism and the workplace. I don’t really have too much to add for a couple of reasons. You guys have hit all the points I can really think of, and sooo articulately I might add. I haven’t run up against too many walls just yet to have as much perspective. I don’t have a career yet so that could explain some of the lack of perspective. But growing up with an older brother and seeing some of the double standards in that area I did run up against those walls. I was a very frustrated teen due to these double standards. I think a lot of smart, strong teenage females become depressed and/or rebellious due to these ugly double standards and think it is much harder to grow up a female than it is a male….the coming of age part, that is. And for more reasons than one. Maybe more on that later. I am kind of scattered brained today because I have a lot on my mind.

So bummed that I missed chat. I zoomed out of practice, only to find my roommate (w/ the computer in her room) had already gone to bed. And I had to meet a friend anyway for a celebratory drink. She just got an amazing job…and hey, I even helped her write her cover letter. My derby season is almost over and practices will be less frequent so I can participate more.

I have spoken to my FF the tiniest bit here and there, not since yesterday morning. I guess now he is either out of range or dead cell phone. It was roaming last we talked so could only talk super briefly anyway. At one point he was on the Grindstone in northern Cali but seeing as how he has called me from the beach, it looks like he is on the Honeydew. Unless something else major happens, he should be finished on the 30th. So there is a real good chance he’ll be here in Texas the weekend after this one!!! I can’t believe the time is here. Boy are the next two weeks gonna drag. But not too bad since all my b’day festivities are this weekend. I’m getting a little nervous about his visit, hoping that he can stay busy and learn to like it here.. at least until December. When you go this long w/o seeing someone, things can get skewed. Expectations, etc. So I hope we can make things work and it all just isn’t a fantasy, I miss you, now I can’t stand you game. That is just my cold feet talking. We’ve made it this far and hopefully can “keep on, keepin’ on.” Did I get it right FM? ;)

Funny you can have a dream about people you’ve never actually met. Sammi, you were in my dreams last night. I dreamt you and hubby came to visit and then some kind of chaos broke out and I wasn’t available and you guys left before I could even say goodbye. I was a very bad host and felt very guilty. I wonder what that means in reality? I have very vivid, powerful dreams so I try to listen to them. But you were nothing but nice in my dreams after I apologized for being a bad hostess. Very understanding…

Better get back to work. Catch me up on anything I missed in chat. Nice to see you lurkers comin’ out of the shadows now. Glad to have ya.


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