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  • 09/23/2003
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Ok, so I was going to sit on the fence in this equality debate but just couldn’t stand it. Mine is more an observation in contributing to the debate.

Like Sammi, I grew up in a small “good ol boy” community. It still is for the most part and is in the heart of ranching territory. For most in this community a woman’s place was in the home. That is until it was 3 am and a first year heifer was having trouble calving, or the fields needed brushed in the spring and the new calves needed vaccinating, or it was rodeo time and the fields needed their second cutting of hay before the rains came, or there were 200 head of cows that needed AI’ing. I have always found it ironic that the “good ol boys” who wouldn’t here about having their wives work, have never blinked an eye when they needed her to run the combine or baler. Women have been doing equal work for many more years than the equality movement. It’s just that until then no one ever gave them credit for it.

My grandmother graduated from college with a teaching degree in 1921. Back then they if they were teaching, they needed to stay single. Once you got married it was the kiss of death for your career. I remember my mom telling me that my grandma made her promise to get her degree and to teach for at least 2 years before she got married. She was always on us about getting our education, and not settling for the first guy that came along. Incidentally, my mom married her high school sweetheart (my dad – love that guy) after 2 years of teaching and this year they celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. Don’t know if Grandma was trying to make a statement or not. I just know she was an insightful woman who taught me alot of good life lessons before she passed on. To this day, in our family if someone puts their foot down, and refuses to budge on an issue its called a “Florence”.

I feel for women who have never had the privilege to know someone like my grandmother. To know the struggles and work they put in for themselves and for future generations of women just makes me all the more proud I’m a woman. We have been given the gift of choice. I think think to remember and cherish is that.

We may not need to bowl people over with “I am woman, get out of my way!”; but in honor of those before us, we must not become complacent either. There are still alot of women out there who don’t think they have ability or right to make it on their own. Those of us who have been graced with strong female role models need to continue their legacy.

Ok, I’m giving FM her soap box back. Thanks for the loan.

Fire Wife,

It’s quite alright. I was getting pretty bleary-eyed myself. Signed off not too long after you.

If you’re interested in any more info you can email me. Abs can give you the address. I’d be happy to hunt stuff down for you. I also have some other info you might be interested in for your DH.

Have a great day, see you all tonight.

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