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  • 09/23/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ok Abs, why are you over there on that “other list” telling them to sneak over here and listen to our conversation? The next time they start talking about wearing panty hose to keep their legs warm, we demand to know so we can go listen……right girls? Gosh Abs did ya ever think you would be riding herd on such an awesome bunch of people?

Comment? maybe my eyes are still blurry from last week but I do not think it is a negative that some women or men choose to go to certain levels in their career and level off and remain where they choose to on the ladder. I know many women certainly not in the FF business that have reached a stage where they are happy and comfortable and wish to remain there.

I happen to be one of those types. I made a conscious choice to stop the climb because I did want to still have a very active hands-on element of my job. I knew I would not be happy just leading people around and making policy etc. One of our daughters stopped at LT because of the same reason. She also knew she wanted to be in the trenches and did not want to be stuck behind a desk.

For women especially, I think this is a symbol of, “we know who we are and we are happy with us” . We are not out to prove anything and certainly don’t need to tank over people to get there.

For me it is, I can be proud of who I am and my associates know I am ethical and will tell them to their faces not their backs when I have an issue. But I will also take them to lunch or at least high tea for the gun fight. and now I am off to fight the tigers……see ya tonight…


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