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  • 09/23/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ok GIRLS,,,,,I am gonna jump right over about 30 posts and get my 3 cents into the “I am Woman hear me roar!!!!” discussion. ( I have to do this without giving away to much information) so please use your womanly instincts to read between the lines, words.

I grew up in a tiny town in West Texas that was so “good ole boy” it was practically slavery for women. (this was many, many years ago…..) my siblings and I were fortunate to be raised by our maternal g’ma while our mom went to college in the next large city. (which was very rare for women back then) G’ma told us every day how important it was that we help with chores etc so mom could finish her college. G’ma was a gentle little whiff of a woman but I never saw her raise her voice or back down from anyone, ever. I remember one day after school in third grade, some mean ole boy had thrown rocks at me and my friends for the umpteenth time. So I ran home crying with sand all over me…grandma grabbed up the baby and with 4 little kiddies and one baby we went charging down the street to the mean little kids dads car shop. I remember very clearly g’ma quietly told that man if his son EVER attacked her granddaughter again she was gonna come down and close up his shop…..that little boy NEVER threw another rock at us. (Good job Grandma)

G’ma finished about the 4th grade. Mom did get her degree in business and started in the hospital business office right after she finished college. g’ma still kept house and took care of the 5 of us chillins.

Long story short. Our mom retired as the executive director of one of the largest medical centers in her area. G’ma died many years ago the year I had our first baby. She always taught us two things I never will forget….the truth will always be known it may take a hour, a month or years but it will always come out. (And that is true.) And “hell hath no fury like a mad woman” “but you’d better be respectful” .

Because of these two very strong women in my life I stayed in school, got a degree, even with kids, and have a very good career going. (of course my husband was very supportive, but maybe he was afraid not to be) I work with lawyers, law enforcement, judges, etc. I have never had a problem with the gender thing. maybe behind my back but certainly not to my face. These guys I work around call me for support and advice way more than I call them. I have also seen women and men come thru the doors straight out of college and they have an attitude, they don’t stay around long. Some men come out, holier than thou, “I’m here, move over”. and I just ignore the ——they try to dish out. I don’t have time or patience for baby macho wanta be men type people. and the women seem to have “I’m pretty, take care of me” or “I’m WOMAN, let me show you my attitude!!!!” and no I do not mean every man and every woman has this mind set. Thank god they are few and far between.

Just like a lot of other things I believe my success was the definite result of my childhood and the principles I was taught by that strong little woman and then my mother. In turn I have passed those lessons on to my daughters and they are very successful at what they do. Both in family and careers. And also I have tried very hard to teach our sons that women are not here on this earth to wait on them and bake cookies. That is great if they are happy doing that and there is absolutely nothing wrong with stay at home moms and cookies. (if there was more of them I wouldn’t have a job, and believe me I wish there was no call for it) ) But if the women in our sons lives want to be FF paramedics or neurosurgeons, that is ok too. It matters not a twit what we do as long as it makes us happy and we are good at our jobs.

We have 2 daughters in the FF profession in different segments. Both of them have run across the macho baboon. And their brothers want to go kick ass but the girls tell them. NOpe, I will handle it my way. Then the girls call me, I give them the killum with kindness speech but don’t be a pansy either. So basically we women in this family have made it in men dominated careers with a few scars but they knew we were there when it was over. There is no right or wrong way to handle this stuff. Follow your inner gut feeling and it will take you far. Then if you want the Calvary,,,,call and I’ll send the troops. (who have never beat anyone up, that I know of) I do need to say here, that my husband has always been right here beside me, (well at least in the same country) the whole time and he has always had a very close and strong relationship with our kids. They tell him everything sometimes long before they tell me. Apparently I am too “mushy”. Their words not mine. And ya know what…..as long as we treat our SO’s with respect and support and they treat us with respect and support then we are all successful. Right? Because whom else do we need to please but ourselves and our FF’s?

And now I have no idea if I strayed way off the topic but I feel better. Sammi

And Abby I changed the identifiers…..thanks Sammi

You did indeed.


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