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  • 09/22/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I’m not suggesting you haven’t “bumped your nose” and good for you that those “fabulous good ol’ boys” decided to give you a shot. But, I think your understanding of the term “Good Ol’ Boys” differs from mine. It is a reference to the historical power network that gave out privilege or withheld it based on biased personal favoritism and gender, with no consideration given to skill and ability. It does not refer to all men in positions of management. I too, have been extremely fortunate to have male mentors. Some of my favorite human beings are men…who can think.

–> I work in very unreformed industry, and am doing very, very well for myself by refusing to play the sexual politics card.

What exactly would you define as “the sexual politics card”? I don’t believe remembering where things have come from is playing sexual politics. I believe honoring those who have followed their dreams, even in unreformed industries, deserve kudos…men AND women.

–>I recognize and appreciate the foundation laid for my generation of women by the generation before us, but I think now we’re at the point where “I am woman, get out of my way” will do us more harm than good;

Is that truly the only thing you’ve heard me say? Wow.

And certainly, Nerd, if “I am woman, get out of my way” were the persistent battle cry, there would be no progress, only stalemate. But, that, exactly, is where it is so easy to pigeon-hole the idea of equality. In one short phrase, you have summarized the way in which those tired of hearing about “how things used to be” scoop it all into one neat pile and call it “history.”

–> just want to go out there and get my job done. No special privileges, just the same shot the next guy gets.

Thank goodness you have that job to go to. And “opportunity” IS a privilege – one that just came to you later than your brothers.


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