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  • 09/22/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I’m not quite sure where we disagree…I have bumped my nose up against the good ol’ boy network, and I’ve actually been quite surprisingly successful at busting my way through, in great part due to the support of some fabulous good ol’ boys who decided to give me shot and were quite pleased with the result. I work in very unreformed industry, and am doing very, very well for myself by refusing to play the sexual politics card. I recognize and appreciate the foundation laid for my generation of women by the generation before us, but I think now we’re at the point where “I am woman, get out of my way” will do us more harm than good; I just want to go out there and get my job done. No special privileges, just the same shot the next guy gets. And I don’t care if I get called “ma’am”, “miss”, “miz”, “little girl”, “baby”, or “gorgeous” as long as I get the space and the tools to do my job well.

Alright, TazGirl;
Here’s the verbal snapshot of me: I’m 22, 5’9” with long brown hair and green eyes, on the muscular side of skinny. People tell me I’m good looking but I usually don’t listen because I’m more interested in what I do than how I look doing it. My major faults are over-aggressiveness and intellectual arrogance, but I’m getting much, much better at not using my brain as a bludgeon. My biggest weaknesses are big dogs, good horses, and men who can dance. Bonus points for men who read. I was raised in a barn and brought up by field crews, so my house training is kind of spotty; I can cook well but I don’t do it often, and my cleaning skills are downright iffy, because I generally come home to sleep and dump gear before heading off to the next thing. I’m a tomboy and a half but I like to think I’m a lady too (in the old-fashioned sense) and I have a green dress I’ve been told qualifies as light artillery in the war between the sexes. I’m very much a one-man woman; like most things I do, I tend to jump in feet first and worry about landing later.

I’m a rural-department vollie which means that I do it all; wildland is my passion but I enjoy EMT work (studying for my EMT-B right now) and I do structure, confined space, and HazMat. I also have a day job which results in eating money and new gear. I’m a scientist by training and an engineer by inclination, so I appreciate machinery even if I’m better at breaking it than fixing it. I don’t have a garage but I’ve got the cookbook and boot oil side of things down; no need to send those along. I also have a very pretty little cabin with a great trout-fishing stream off one side and a couple hundred square miles of designated wilderness on the other. He’s on his own as far as the hat rack goes…I’ve got one but it’s kind of full right now. The other heads-up is that I’ve got two fire departments and a rescue team who call me little sister, so the screening committee might be kind of rigorous. Can’t really think of anything else terribly important about me (I’ve gone on long enough already) except that in a nut shell, I’m a good girl with bad habits.

Nerd on the Fireline (getting that job-interview feeling)

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