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  • 09/22/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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This time I really had intended to use spellcheck. As a matter of fact, I hit “Send” when I had intended to hit “Tools” and “Spelling.” On that note, I did a bit of mini-research on “Apartheid” (not a Apartied…). And the little boy didn’t “loose” to BQ. He did “lose” that particular race though. Those two items appeared to be the most bothersome spelling mistakes.

Ab, Saturday I told myself I would spellcheck my all posts before sending, as I realize that’s not your job. I had it in my heart, but my index finger didn’t behave. I’ll try harder. ; (


FM, somehow I overlooked the misspellings on your post. I don’t want spelling or grammar to stop people from sending in their posts. I don’t mind spell checking. I just kinda look them over for blatant mistakes. In the old days Original Ab just copied and pasted. Made for some very original, if confusing, posts. Of course “loose” is a word. Might not have caught that one – no little red ric’rack under it. Oh, you also misspelled barrettes. Fixed that too, but ya coulda fooled me on that spelling. haw, haw. Just ribbin’ ya, of course: feel free to just send ‘em in as is.


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