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  • 09/22/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I just re-read over some posts I guess I had missed. Oregon Jewel, happy b’day…belated!!! I hope you enjoyed it and had a great b’day. Mine is coming up this week as well. Think we will go out for some Indian food. Funny, you had Indian summer, I will have Indian food.

Sammi, yes, it was indeed Nerd that is holding out for that son of your’s. But man do you make him sound pretty good in your description. I think we should hear Nerd’s description (in the same style as your’s) to see if they match. C’mon Nerd, whaddya say? I’ve read your wildland FF description and that was hilarious. Now you just have to do the same, but for you specifically.

FF’s Dad, I just read your post today. It was very insightful. Glad to see we do have a man around here and that you enjoy our posts too. And thanks for the derby compliments. Season is almost over…boo-hoo. As for your advice to us independents w/ no dependents…I’m trying to do exactly what you were talking about and taking advantage of my situation the best I can. It would also be easy to just stay here in Austin and have fun. But there are too many opp’s out there that require getting off my butt and moving. It has worked out well for me so far and I have met a ton of people over the last few years that I will never forget. Those experiences stick with you and have really taught me a lot about myself. And moving to new places and restarting your life requires strength, and if you don’t start out with it, you will surely gain some by the time it’s all said and done. It’s going to be time here again soon for me to leave the nest again. I trust you all will still be around for me to lean on when the time comes…right?

I crashed on by bike this weekend and am quite sore today. I think I might’ve pulled a tendon in my leg or something. I’ll live. I think it will just be kinda sore the next couple of days. My FF is still in northern Cali. He calls at night and in the morning but we only talk for a couple of minutes since his phone is roaming. But that is better than nothing and we don’t have much to talk about at this point anyway outside the arena of ‘when are you getting here?!!’

Thanks for all the compliments on the pics…and my granny. And thanks to Mellie and Ab for passing them on.

Hope you are better FireChica.

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