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  • 09/20/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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TazGirl- you’re awesome. It was a real treat to see your pics. The one with your Granny speaks volumes about the love in your family.

I’m not much of a public contributor, but am talking off line with some FamilySaid regulars. And, as the season winds down and everyone will be scattered soon, I really want you all to know that it’s been a privilege to learn about each of your lives and your interests. Our common interest is wildland firefighting and fire fighters. My son, oldest of three, is a 2nd year FF, so that’s my connection. If I get personally involved, it will be to work to improve FF safety on the fire or getting to and from.

But, this is the family side of the board- (how insightful were the Abs when they figured out that Family would want to talk??). What I see on the FamilySaid side are all women posters- with, no doubt, a few men lurkers like me- who are passionate in some way about their careers, their SOs and/or their families. At the risk of being the only male poster all year and banished forever, I’d like to share a few insights that have developed over the years:

For those seeking a career path- follow your heart, interests and talents. That’s what dedicated FFs and fire-related people do- they just can’t get enough. There’s something really adventurous and rewarding about it. My kid says “I can’t believe they pay me to have so much fun!!” If you gotta take a crap job for a while- then that’s what you gotta do. But let it be a stepping stone to something greater and not put you in a long term holding pattern. “You only achieve what you’re willing to settle for” (author unknown)

For those who are no longer a dependent but don’t yet have dependents- This is a precious time in your life when you get to be really selfish- either by yourself and/or with an SO. If your intentions are honorable, you can make all kinds of mistakes during youth and recover without damage. So experiment, be adventurous, and, as opportunities present themselves, don’t be shy. “We may never pass this way, again.” (song from the 70’s- don’t know who)

Re: SO relationships: Be your own person. Honor each other and cherish the love, but “…the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.” (the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran)

For those with kids- This is a precious time in your life time when you have the honor of being responsible for the development of others. You get to advocate for your kids in all situations and tell about it on FamilySaid. You don’t get a lot of time for yourself and you never get to not be aware that you have kids. You get to look back over time and be proud.

For the empty nesters- I can’t speak to that yet, I’m not quite there- maybe someone else can fill-in on this topic.

With good wishes to you all and hopes to see your posts next year,

FF’s Dad

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