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  • 09/19/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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My mom had monster spray when I was little … then one night when i had decided to take care of the monsters by myself (i always was an independent little bugger) i accidentally sprayed some on myself. I remember thinking I was going to croak right then and there. Good thing my mom had a sensitive nose, realized I smelled like “monster spray” (if i remember it was cinnamon-smelling) and explained very tactfully that it only killed off monsters. Funny the things you remember when you get to thinking…by the way, has everyone seen Monsters Inc? Great kids movie.

Nerd — it is waaaaaay tempting to spend my OT on clothes, fortunately I have not done so yet. I bought some socks…those should go with my sandals wonderfully and keep me (somewhat) warmer up here. Yowzas, it’s cold lately. Good thing dispatch isn’t exactly on the same par as Paris or Milan fashionwise. I know how the non-shopping small towns are (grew up in one), and it’s a great thing when it comes to budgeting. But hey, you can always try QVC :)

Taz — great roller derby pics. Seeing you in the derby gear, determined glint in your eyes, I have complete faith that you not only could be an awesome dispatcher, but you could kick some a** on the fireline, too. As for your FF having a run in with a tanker kitten, it wouldn’t suprise me. They do exist, and it’s quite annoying to those women that are in it for the love of firefighting, not for the love of firefighters…then again, he could be worried you’ll turn into the complete opposite, the scary woman firefighter that chews, spits, and cusses with the best of them …

Okay, stupid things I do when my SJ is away (which is…always.) Now that I’m always away, too, I always pack a picture I have of me and him in FL last year in the off-season, one of his old, ripped fire shirts and peppermints. He loves peppermints. No matter where he is he always has them in his pockets, in his pack … so they remind me of him. Silly, silly. You’d think I was a 16 year old girl the way I pine over that man. I also save all my voicemail messages from him as long as my service lets me. Then he has this cute thing where he sends me postcards from the places they’ve jumped (or the closest place) with little pertinent facts.

Ah…i’ve already revealed too much. He’ll kill me. Or at least act annoyed. He’ll probably like me bragging about him.

Talking about him like this makes me miss him.

Thanks all, for the support.

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