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  • 09/19/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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*stretches and blinks sleepily*

Hello everyone! It was nice to read that you guys missed me.
I have been lurking in the background, but have not had time to write anything. My work hours changed, and I now work 8PM to 6AM. YUCK! We really needed to have a third shift with the workload at work, and I volunteered. Ah well.

Now to the important stuff…

My HS has been home for a whole WEEK. This is the longest we have had together. We were inseparable for the first three days or so, with him visiting with my parents when I was at work. I think they have adopted each other. Isn’t that so cute? It has been so nice, knowing he did not have to leave in 24 hrs or less. Still does not seem enough time, though. Why do I have to have a job? It keeps me from being with him 24/7. (he would go NUTS if we spent that much together, but it is a nice thought. ) I told him about Family Said, and he still has not had time to read all the postings, or my poetry. He has been running around trying to get all the chores he has put off all summer done. Those chores were delayed because he has spent the last 3 or 4 visits home with me.

I have been keeping tabs on the goings on online, and have a few comments on the little kid stories. Mine are 18 and 20, (yeah, I am THAT old) but remember quite a few. I have a few things I would like to share and I hope they can inspire some ideas of your own.

1) Nightmares: Find a smelly can of air freshener, relabel it “monster spray” and have it handy for nightmares. When the child has one, get the can, liberally spray the room. Under the bed, in the closet, wherever the child directs you to spray. The smell “repels” monsters, and lingers more than long enough for the child to fall asleep. It works.

2) Seat belts: My children really rebelled against seat belts, and I found a unique solution. On a day that they both had invited a friend over, we all went out for ice-cream cones. Once they were in the car with their cones. (yes this can get messy, but it is worth it) I asked them to put belts on. When they refused, I did not say anything, but drove off with them in car as usual. I then drove to an uncrowded side street, and watched them in my rear view mirror. As soon as I saw one of the kids take a bite of their cone, I gently tapped my brakes. Needless to say, the ice-cream went splat in their face. I did this several times. Even their friends got the same treatment. They got the point. (embarrassing them slightly, while being humorous, seemed to help the occasion) Their friends think I am the silliest Mom and my kids just roll their eyes. But they ALL wore their seat belts after that.

3) Books: Anne McCaffery -Dragonrider of Pern series. There are at least 19 books in this series, and they are WONDERFUL. I grew up reading about dragons and such, and these books have wonderful strong women characters as well. Good reading for parents and children alike. Mercedes Lackey- Valdemar series. These have intelligent telepathic HORSES instead of Dragons, and have equally rich and strong characters.

I have quite a few poems in the works, as well as a painting or two. I hope to take pics of my “practice” paintings and send in shortly.

Can we have chats Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Those are the only days I seem to be conscious. I am enjoying everyone’s stories, and am really impressed with the goals and aspirations of you ladies trying out for FF jobs. I really need to get into some sort of training myself, if I am to keep up with my FF. LOL. I lift heavy things and drive a fork truck at work, so I do get exercise, but to RUN, UP HILL, with a PACK? Yikes!

One last note. When my FF came home, he was explaining some of the stuff he had done on the last fire, and I was able to answer, ” Oh, you mean the Red Pack” or “Demobbed” etc. He just looked at me with amazement in his eyes. He was not expecting me to come up with terms to what he was talking about, much less understand it. You guys have corrupted me. LOL!

Hugs to everyone.

Reminder, if you buy online please use Amazon and go though our black Amazon portal on the fire books page (link in the header). Do not bookmark the site, but enter that way prior to ordering. The management appreciates help with paying the bills.


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