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  • 09/19/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Taz, Just watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think you’re the only one whose confused. ; ) But, you know, there are a lot of really great one-liners as the main character is narrating. Dwight Yoakum, have you seen his part as to dolt Doyle in Slingblade? “If yer gonna kill me I guess you’d better call the ‘hurst’.”

Heli, Yep, both those princess books are in BQ’s collection. I’m so glad there are witty writers who pay attention to those messages. I just LOVE the message of the Paper bag Princess. Wrede’s Cimmorene is so gallant and smart. When I was growing up, being fast, smart and witty (and in my case non-Mormon) were a death kiss. I had the mistaken idea that if I was bright I would be appreciated by the other kids. So I really tried to learn…to learn fast. You know, growing up most of us were looking for various ways to be accepted and appreciated. Nope. I didn’t go to Primary (that would be Mormon 101 for the young crowd in elementary school). I was on the debate team (surprised?)…the track, volleyball and basketball teams. In Southern Idaho – a place that’s a bit more, let’s say, slow to come into the current century, there was much disdain and social pressure at the ready for young girls who would not conform. There actually still is. My father was kicked off the city council for wanting to lift the ban on selling beer on Sundays. Devil spawn. That’s me.

My own older daughters began to take the freedoms and the opportunities they now have for granted, sort of hinting that I was going overboard in suggesting they need to protect the freedoms that were hard won by the generations of women that came before them. It’s hard to impart that message and not be considered a (okay I hate name calling but…) Femi-Nazi. I’m not. I really love being a woman. I love my husband being a man. What I REALLY love is people of both genders developing their minds and working together to build healthy, strong communities. That takes work… I do get rather militant when I see gluttony, greed, conniving, lying, excess, and abuse anywhere (and it’s everywhere). Those things are like crab grass…turn your head and it takes over your whole front yard. But, an EQUALLY important lesson to teach our children is to temper our responses to things we abhor. I’m not real good at that, so it’s an ongoing exercise for me. BQ is quite helpful in pointing out when I’m crossing the line. She has “a look” that usually takes most people three or four decades to develop. “Breeeeath mom….Just breath…”

Southern, I’m glad you’re back. I agree….where’s Poet?


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