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  • 09/19/2003
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Ahhh…what would I ever do w/o Family Said to anxiously come check in the morning? It is Friday!!! Yay…what a slow week. And the music festival I mentioned is this weekend. You guys are gonna be so jealous. Well, you will after you go see www.aclfest.com and see who’s playing. Dwight Yoakam is tonight. I love him.

Haven’t talked to my FF since he got to Loma fire so I assume cell phone coverage is nil. Oh well. I got to talk to him a lot in the week he was off. I’m getting very anxious about his visit, in a good way. I just can’t even imagine him actually being in my bed sleeping while I get ready to go to work in the morning. Oh, and the simple pleasures of having someone to go to the grocery store with and rent movies with….you know what I’m talkin’ about. I have a new topic, one that we can all swap stories about. What silly things do you do when you miss your FF and want to feel closer to him? I’ll be the first one to step up to the plate and admit one. I listen to the messages he leaves me on my cell phone. He leaves the sweetest messages and when I haven’t talked to him in a while I will just listen to all his messages. (Boy if Normal comes out for this one, she’s gonna puke.) I know that sounds fairly innocent, but there are like 20 on there right now and it takes a while to listen to them. So come on, who else does silly stuff like this? I bet you wear his shirts…or listen to his favorite CD…c’mon, you can tell us.

Mellie, I just read the Sit Rpt this morning and the Loma website. Looks like things are going smoothly and they will contain it soon. It was at 30% this morning. I’m so torn because man do I really want my FF home…but man does he need that money. I can’t imagine where they would send him after Loma, so I’m thinking they’ll head back to Salt Lake and then home (Anchorage) and then TEXAS!!! I looked up Shasta County yesterday on the web. It’s so gorgeous! I have never been to northern Cali. I really, really want to go.

Nerd, maybe you’re right. Maybe it was the ‘tanker kitten’ as you called her that ruined him on that idea. She really made her rounds….

Southern, thank you so much for the encouragement. Such confidence in me, thank you. I wish I could go to the classes here in October but that is our busy time at work and don’t see how I could. So I’m just going to apply w/o any training it looks like. I might apply to the Missoula Dispatch Ctr. As that gets closer, I’ll be needing more help. I might be doing it from abroad if I can’t get it done before I leave. Does anyone want to come to the October fire classes here in good ‘ol Texas? They have quite a lot of classes to offer and it’s only $40/day w/ meals. And you don’t have to be nominated either. And I can find you cheap airfare. Did I mention that I live in Texas too and you can come see me while you’re here? ;) Go to Ab’s links and find the Texas Academy if you’re interested. Norman McLean’s son is speaking there too. He is the one that wrote Fire on the Mountain. Nerd, you’re not that far away. And I have a really cute, charming brother that wants to be an EMT. By the way, I laughed when you said that about Sammi’s sons. I would so be saying the same thing if I were single. I’ve already pictured them once….or twice.

I watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch last night. Whoa…what a movie! Anyone seen it? Fire Momma? It’s pretty good. I need to see it again though. I got confused. We also watched Michael Moore’s documentary, The Big One. Frightening….

I guess I’ve gone on long enough for now. Glad to see you’re back Fire Wife. Wish I could see pics of that little baby.

Bye for now,

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