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  • 09/18/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Okay, Everybody:

I’m not going to tell FireChica’s stories for her, but I’d take it as personal favor if everybody could send her a long-distance, no-questions-asked hug tonight…she needs ‘em.

TazGirl: Bingo! Sounds like your boy had a bad run-in with a tanker kitten or equivalent…I have to say that in my experience FireChica nailed it…you get flirted with, but I have NEVER had an inappropriate experience in fire camp or on the line. I have found that if you treat firefighters like gentlemen you will generally be treated like a lady. IF someone decides to push, you will never, ever be as well chaperoned as you are on a fire crew…my favorite lecture ever: when I first started on one of my crews, the guys were so skittish around me it was getting ridiculous…no profanity, no nothing. I finally cornered the worst offender and asked him what was going on…he said that our crew boss had told them that “You are to consider Nerd my daughter and your sister, and you are to treat her accordingly.” So I promptly acquired eighteen big brothers. The last guy who caused me any trouble in this town came home to find six guys on his porch asking if he’d rather have his thumbs or his knees broken. Sigh. Excessive, but comforting…I think. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, it makes it hard to get a date.

FM: Ooh, couldn’t you at least send me pictures? But I have my heart set on one of Sammi’s well-trained sons (hint, hint, lovely, wonderful Sammi). Are the Patricia Wrede books the ones where the girl gets very annoyed at the knights who come to rescue her? And the other princesses hanging around being useless? And she cooks cherries jubilee for her dragon and teaches herself herbs? I loved those! Couldn’t remember the author or the title though…I think I found them in my junior high library. Thanks! The image of BQ and the drum was lovely…I love dancing to a good drummer…never got the knack of drumming myself.

Aly: OT moolah for fall clothes…tempting, isn’t it? Fortunately I live in a very, very small town, so that temptation doesn’t have much chance for an outlet…but a pox on mail-order 9and a bigger pox on clothes that look so good in the pictures and so bad on me!

Nerd on the Fireline

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