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  • 09/18/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello Ladies!! I am so glad to be back on here. I have been so busy with moving into our house and taking care of the kids that life has not allowed for luxuries like getting online.

FM… I love the idea of a worm farm and greenhouse!! Can the worm farm survive the winter in OR?? That would be fun for my daughter who is so worried about bugs!! She might learn to like them. Tell those ladies to Kiss your Butt!!!

Robbie… The story about the little boy is too funny!!! I heard something similar in a child safety seat class that I took a few years ago.

One Sunday an officer pulled over a van going about 0mph to see what was wrong. In front of the van was a little girl about 4 in a nice sunday dress. He asked the father why he was going so slow and why the little girl was walking. He proceeded to tell him that the little girl refused to put on her seatbelt so the dad made her walk. He told her if she didn’t wear it in the car then she couldn’t ride in it. The officer laughed and went to the little girl. He made her an honorary officer and was given permission to yell at anyone who wouldn’t wear their seatbelt in the van. And she eagerly went and got into her seatbelt.

About 2 weeks later the cop got a letter from the parents that it had worked and she was taking her job seriously.

I found this very funny….And can see this little girl in a frilly dress walking down the road in front of the family car.

I am with everyone about fire season being over. Although now the burning season begins. And that means them being gone still for that. UGH!!! It never ends.


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