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  • 09/18/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Aly, I’m looking forward to the Yearbook gig. I just can’t see doing it like they’ve done it in the past…Kinda like “Paint by the numbers” I’ll show them the light….”Inch by Inch…Row by Row”…I like the idea of little ants marching from page to page.

Well, Hubby didn’t come home. A Div Sup. grabbed him up on the Needle Fire and is keeping him hostage…which is okay I suppose, I do need a new couch. Hmmm. Ohhhhhh, I miss him. I am trying very diligently to finish getting everything back in the kitchen cabinets before he walks in the front door. It’s hard moving around in a house that’s under renovation. You find you keep running into one another and soon everyone is annoyed.

Has anyone read “Holes”? I just picked it up today at the bookstore to read to BQ. It’s supposed to be pretty good. The book ladies were going “GaGa” over it. They were so darn cute. We also just ordered the fourth Patricia Wrede dragon book, “Talking to Dragons.” The series is a “must” for moms with young daughters. It’s about a princess who gets fed up with all the princess crap, and dealing with whinny princes and goes to live with the dragons. She’s pretty fair with a sword as well.

Though its cool here in Southern Oregon now, the temps are supposed to move on up to the 90s soon. Looks like an Indian Summer is coming our way. First frost on my windshield this morning when I took the wild one to school. I’m ready for the fire season to end. I tell the fallers that and they get sort of a stricken look in their eyes. For heaven’s sake…..

Does anyone drum? As in Jembe? BQ and I took our drums to the coast last weekend. The wonderful place where we stay has bungalows with no adjoining walls, so we can drum quietly…more loudly down at the beach. I woke up early Sunday and made a fire in the fireplace and opened the sliding glass door and came back to bed. BQ got up and started drumming. I looked up and saw her silhouette against the ocean, her little hands hitting her drum rhythmically…quietly. It was one of the loveliest visions I’ve ever seen. Just thought I’d share it.

Oh…my word…the consequence naked boy story had me howling. I do love to laugh like that! What an awesome approach….but then I really do agree with experiential learning when those opportunities arise…which is daily in our household.


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