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  • 09/17/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey All–

I wish I wouldn’t have missed the chat on Monday — I got moved all around again, so I was in route to my new location … and it’s cold here! All I packed a month and a half ago when I was last home were capris and tank tops … brrr. I guess that just gives me an excuse to go blow some OT moolah on clothes! Woohoo.

I wanted to tell everyone that even though I haven’t contributed much, everyone here means a lot to me. Being on the road all the time, it’s nice to have a constant in my life…
Tazgirl — Just a note on dispatching… don’t not apply if you don’t have enough time for training. Apply anyway, because the fed. govt. loves to train people, and they’ll train you after you’re hired. Sure, you won’t be as dug-in as the people who did get trained, but I think on the job experience is the best kind. I was also thinking about your FF not wanting you to be on the line, and I remembered when I started with fire. I myself didn’t particularly want to be on the line — I mean me, dirty? Never. But when I started I had to go to rookie school…and as soon as I got home I applied for a transfer to engine. I did that for 4 years, and now I’m back at dispatch. It’s really easy to get hooked.

FM- I was the editor of my yearbook in high school and I worked it in college — very exciting stuff. Doing an elementary school one would be so much fun! I love the garden theme…or maybe an Ant Maze? That could be very neat, with the ants marching from page to page…

AMM – That was some plume over that Lockwood fire, eh? Very nice article there, and great pics.

Everybody stay in good spirits, it may be over yet :)

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