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  • 09/17/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello all. I have just been in such a blah mood today. I checked here this morning and there wasn’t much to see. And then I just took a “break” from work and when I came back there were multiple posts. Crazy how much that cheers me up! Not only that, but, Fire Momma, you’re coming to Austin?!! That is great news. Unfortunately, there will be no more roller derby going on as our Championship is Oct. 5. But if you and your husband would like and/or have the time, I would love to get together. I can make dinner or we could go out somewhere. The weather will be great that time of year so we could maybe even grill at my house and make those margaritas we talked about. I would absolutely love to meet you. And my FF will be here by then too. Keep me posted.

Nerd, thanks for your thoughts on the dispatch vs. line thing. My knee jerk reaction was kind of the same too as far as, well, is he reacting like that for chauvinistic reasons, etc. So I kept really questioning him regarding his opinions on not wanting me to work on the line. I think it came down to two things: 1) he is not passionate about this job and drawn to fire like a lot of other people are…it is purely work to him and he does not want to do it much longer than he has to; therefore, he does not want me to get “sucked into it” as well because he won’t be in it much longer either. 2) I think he thinks I would be harassed by all the other guys and talked about in a disrespectful way, like I’m assuming he’s heard before and doesn’t want it to be about me. Does that make sense? I suppose his motivations are, for the most part, looking out for me and as long as that is the case, I can tolerate that over purely selfish ones. But I did tell him it would be a different story if I had my heart set on working for an engine crew, because I don’t usually bend over when someone tells me I can’t do something. His plan is to work a couple more seasons and then go into something else. He hasn’t exactly figured out what that something else is though and I guess this tides him over. I can only go through another summer like this again if we live in the same place or together so that at least our days off are spent together. TWO DAYS since April 30th!!! I’m not doing this again. Thanks for the insight though. I thought it was interesting.

Heli, I’m with you. I’m soooo over it. I mean, I know I’m not even working but my FF is really over it too. He is torn though because he really wants his 1000 hrs of OT and he has another 150 to go. He is on his way to the Loma fire. But there are so many crews on that small fire right now that the FF’s could all probably join hands and make a circle around it. There are 800 people on it and the acreage is 1400. He doesn’t think they’ll be there long and doesn’t know where else they would be needed after they’re done with it. I know he really needs to stretch out the season as long as possible, but selfishly, I just want him to come home more than anything. I’m feeling extremely weary of this whole ‘I miss you’ crap. But one day at a time right?

I think it was Catskilldog that asked where we would be traveling in the winter….we are going to SE Asia…Thailand, Cambodia, possibly Laos, possibly Malaysia. He wants to go to New Zealand too to see a friend but I’m not sure if we can afford to go that much further. We’ll see. I can’t wait to start making some concrete arrangements and securing some dates.

Robbie, your story about your brother was hilarious. What a funny mental picture. And a clever parenting idea.

FM, those PTA ladies just don’t know how fortunate they are to have you do they?!!! You go on with yo’ bad self….worm farms, greenhouses, fried chicken and all. ;)

Guess I’ve rambled enough. Oh no, wait…I didn’t get to tell you about my FF in Reno and how he almost lost $600 in Blackjack. Yep….dummy. He made his money back in one hand after another trip to the ATM and got real lucky. He was really gonna hear it from me otherwise. Why do men have to be some jackasses sometimes? (Can I say that Ab? ;) I mean it endearingly…kind of.

Thanks again for everyone’s support. If it weren’t for you guys, I would be climbing the walls right now.

Hangin’ in here one Family Post at a time,

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