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  • 09/17/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Good morning, everybody. Apologies for missing chat again…work schedule etc, mea culpa. I haven’t been at home between six thirty am and eleven pm for weeks now, so chat time is hard to come up with. Like catskilldog I’m working on my EMT, and my department is working on becoming a full transport ambulance, so that’s requiring big chunks of time…but we’re going to do it! And hopefully that’ll mean more funding, better communications, more equipment…and ambulance number 2 (hooray!). Catskilldog, if you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend “Medicine for Mountaineering” by “The Mountaineers”. It’s an excellent, practical, in-depth yet down-to-earth book on back-country medicine by a bunch of Mountaineering MDs, produced by the same folks who did “Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills”. Good for fire fighters. I read it cover to cover…it’s that readable. And you can get to it through Ab’s Amazon link (blatant kiss up to Ab).

FM; the garden theme sounds great…and every kid should have a worm farm. I’m all in favor of a dirt diet for small children…keeps them knowing where dinner comes from. You know, I’ve done politics on all sorts of levels, but I think the most vicious by far are elementary school PTAs or equivalent. One of my good friends is a PTA president, and those women are just blood thirsty. Especially when religion gets involved (no offense to the religious on the board).

TazGirl; I’ve been thinking about what you said about your FF being happier with you in dispatch than on the line…it’s taken me a while to formulate my thoughts on the matter. My first reaction was “What a jerk!” but I think it’s more complex than that. Being on the line is hard, rough, dirty work, and as much as your FF may enjoy it, he may not like the idea of you doing it because he likes to think of you being somewhere nice while he’s down there in the dirt and ash. In a twisted sort of way, I guess that’s respect; he’s putting you up on a pedestal and maybe using the thought of you as a mental retreat. Just a thought. The other possible goes like this; he thinks you’re so incredibly gorgeous that you’d be hit on night and day by every male in fire camp, and he’s trying to save you the aggravation (smile).

My two cents worth,
Nerd on the Fireline

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