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  • 09/16/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hello everyone,

It’s official. School is here. And I…(cringe…) have volunteered to be the school’s yearbook chair. I’m thinking “How could we fit it Jackson Pollock into this project” and then…think…I d-o-n-‘t think so…Maybe theme it after “The Garden Song.” What do you think? I also suggested we work on constructing a greenhouse and a garden area for the kids to do educational horticulture lessons. A woman at the back of the room (who r-e-a-l-l-y doesn’t like me…oh well…) said the school didn’t need a greenhouse because there was one at the junior high. (Ab, you would have been soooo proud of me…) I smiled very diplomatically and said, “That’s wonderful! If the kids are introduced to horticulture here at an early age, the greenhouse at the junior high will be used much more than it is now!” She scowled at me…and I added…”And we really should ALSO consider a composting program and a worm farm.”

Dawn, I really don’t think you got on anyone’s nerves during chat. But, I was thinking about your comment this afternoon. You hang out here because you must feel comfortable. I imagine you feel comfortable because this is a supportive place. Pretty much everyone has expressed that support. So, I don’t think it matters one iota if some particular subject any one of use brings up doesn’t agree with someone else in the group. We’re hear to listen one another out, not draw judgment. Be comforted in that. Don’t worry if your opinions or topics you bring up resonate with the group or not. Great if they do. It’s equally ok if they don’t. There’ll be those times for all of us. It’s the community of support that’s important. We’re here for ya babe! Wish you were here to be my Yearbook co-chair. I don’t know if these people know what they’ve gotten themselves into. ; )

My husband comes home tomorrow. Maybe I’ll bait the kitchen with another basket of fried chicken. ; /


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