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  • 09/16/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Good morning everyone. Welcome AMM. We are glad to have you.

I am so disappointed. I got the e-mail that chat was going on and I thought that e-mail came in this morning. So I was all excited about tonight. But no, it was yesterday and I missed chat yesterday. I’m sure you ladies had a great time w/o me. Sorry I missed it. Oh well though. Was everyone there? Nerd this time and Sammi?

I was out on the lake yesterday from 5:30 until almost 1 am!!! It was so fun. My friend from Colorado just moved here and he has a ski boat. My brother and I are pretty happy about that. I jumped the wake yesterday on the wakeboard and landed it for the first time. I am very sore today though.

My roller derby team lost on Sunday. Yep. It was pretty crushing. I didn’t take it very well. Since it was the semi-finals it was real decisive game for us…and we lost. I was just really mad because the reffing is not up to par with our playing abilities and it is extremely frustrating. Our team was getting penalties all over the place and our opponents, who were committing just as many fouls, barely got any. Anyway, my 82-yr old grandma came and watched too so that was pretty neat. I played my best and I played well so I’m walking away from it with that. I will send a pictures link to Ab as soon as they are posted.

My FF just came back from Maine. So now he is back to work. A couple of his crew stayed back in SLC to meet him and head out to a fire in Northern Cali. I don’t think they will be out much longer. Either this will be their last tour or this 2 week one and then another half. SOON, VERY SOON….he will be coming to Texas. Can’t wait. He is going to stay here with me until we leave to go travel in December. Looks like we will be able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Christmas in the islands…in a little hut on the beach….mmmm. We are still talking about plans for next summer and if he is going to switch crews or what. But we will have to see how this winter goes and see how the relationship progresses. We are very much in love, but we are also very different. This winter will be the time to tell how those differences play out and if we are compatible on a day to day basis.

Bye for now. I’m gonna go down the street and get me some $1 breakfast tacos. Yum. And I’ll be online ALL day for anyone that wants to chat.


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