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  • 09/16/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Sorry Ab’s,

here is my new condensed message form, I hope it passes all Inspections. The Garden Song that was posted is on a children CD that I own sung by an artist named Charolet Diamond, and she sings it in the most beautiful voice. For those of you with small children, she has WONDERFUL cd’s. Chat was nice tonight, although I got the impression that I got on everyones nerves with my new firewife questions. Sorry about that. DH is still on the Grindstone fire, it is so hard on my girls at night, my little one did not want to go to sleep tonight, she wanted to wait up for daddy. I told her he was sleeping, kind of camping down where the fire was. “Will he be home tomorrow?” she asks…it is so hard to tell her that No he won’t be home for a while. Oh well, I will try not to whine too much.

PS. Ab’s is that condensed enough?

I had to stretch that one out.
By the way, DH stands for “Dear Husband” I’ve been told. I like that acronym.

Mellie said you didn’t get on nerves with your questions about the Apprenticeship Academy, at least not hers. All newcomers to fire who want to make it a career should be planning ahead, setting educational goals and making the most of opportunities like the Academy. Maybe someone reading here who is knowledgeable about the program could write in with more details, links, etc. Applications are still open.

The basic educational requirements in wildland fire are changing. Fighting fire is a complex scenario these days requiring critical thinking, knowledge of technology, knowledge of people, etc. SOs play a role in helping make career advancement decisions. The hardest transition into the new requirements will be for those already in positions of responsibility (GS 9+) to document past training, translate it into college credit (or verify college credit) and fill in the educational gaps. Education and documentation is worthwhile doing whether the firefighter is in his or her 40s, 30s or 20s. Younger people must plan and achieve educational goals if they want to advance.


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